Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Download proven Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool latest version

microsoft malicious software removal tool

Microsoft malicious software removal tool is a a very capable anti-malware.It detects and destroy many type of malware which are very dangerous for your PC.This tool is no substitute for a solid anti virus program.

Working Mechanism:-
Microsoft malicious software removal tool don't provide real time protection but it is better than nothing.It also report which malware it detected and will be deleted after you restart your computer.It silently run in the background but don't scan every file and folder which you open.It also create a log file at C:\Windows\debug\mrt.log by default.You can open this file through notepad to see the result of the scan.

Scan Types:-
It provide three type of scans,Quick scan,Full scan and Customized scan.Quick scan only scans specific part of your system.Full scan scans the whole computer and may take some hours.Customized scan only scans user-defined files and folders.

Microsoft releases updates of this anti-malware every month.It is a good practice to update this useful tool regularly which makes it more effective to counter latest viruses.

How to use this tool:-
Type mrt in the search box (Windows+S) on Start menu or taskbar and press Enter to open this tool.Select quick,full or cutom scan.This tool will scan areas of the system most likely to contain malicious software.